Viasat Beyond:


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When we think of sustainability, we often think of our environment, our resources, and our planet. But with the launch of satellites in space on the rise, it’s time to take sustainability further than ever before - from the space around us to the space above us. Could you be part of the solution?

Viasat is a global satellite communications company operating in space, and, in this unique competition, they are looking for you to develop ideas to help space stay sustainable, safe, and equitable. Powered by Viasat, in partnership with Springpod, you’ll explore what it takes to address sustainability in space, and, if successful, you could even pitch your idea to the professionals themselves.

What’s included

Designed to be completed individually or in groups of up to three, the Viasat Beyond: Space competition invites you to complete a series of projects across three phases.

With a range of fantastic prizes on offer, from an invitation to the Viasat Sustainable Space Experience Week to an Education Grant, now’s the time to take your idea to new heights.

So, what do you need to do? Learn more about each competition project by clicking on Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3.

You can also explore what else you’ll learn in Phase 1 by clicking on ‘Meet Viasat’, ‘Sustainability in Space’ and ‘Project Set-Up’.

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Module overviews

In Phase 1, you’ll learn more about Viasat before exploring the concept of sustainability in space in more detail. You’ll then access your very first project brief, complete with a Q&A from the Viasat team, giving you the chance to ask your questions to the experts themselves!

In your first project you’ll respond to two questions around the competition theme of sustainability in space.If successful, you’ll move onto Phase 2.

In Phase 2, you’ll create and submit a digital entry, which expands on your ideas submitted in Phase 1. You can choose to submit your work in a range of formats, such as (but not limited to) a video, audio, or presentation.

If successful, you’ll move onto Phase 3.

In the final, you’ll be invited to an all-expenses paid trip to London where you’ll meet space technology experts and present your final project to a panel of judges. You’ll be assigned two mentors to coach you through this stage of the competition and to help you craft and refine your presentation.

Viasat is a global satellite communications company operating in space - but what does this really mean? What does Viasat do? In this module you’ll gain insight into Viasat as an organisation.

From satellite launches and keeping the world connected to being at the forefront of space innovation, you’ll understand Viasat a lot better by the end of this module.

What is sustainability in space? What is its link to sustainability on Earth? Why is it important to address this? In this module you’ll get answers to these questions, learning more about sustainability in space, some of the fundamental issues to address, and potential solutions.

Having learnt about sustainability in space in Module 2, in this ‘Project Set-Up’ module you’ll receive your brief for the first project in the competition, complete with a Q&A from the Viasat team.

Do you have ideas to help space stay sustainable, safe, and equitable?