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Meet Viasat

Viasat is a global communications company that believes everyone and everything in the world can be connected.

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About us

When we think of sustainability, we often think of our environment, our resources, and our planet. But with the launch of satellites in space on the rise, it’s time to take sustainability further than ever before - from the space around us to the space above us. Could you be part of the solution?

Viasat is a global satellite communications company operating in space, and, in this unique competition, they are looking for you to develop ideas to help space stay sustainable, safe, and equitable. Powered by Viasat, in partnership with Springpod, you’ll explore what it takes to address sustainability in space, and, if successful, you could even pitch your idea to the professionals themselves.

At Viasat, we’re brought together by a shared desire to unlock opportunity for everyone, everywhere, through connectivity. Connections are the bridge to what’s possible, and we are fearless believers in possibility.

Viasat is committed to regular, transparent communication of our sustainability efforts and progress. The goal of our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) program is to ensure that, as we work toward our shared vision of a connected world, we:

  • Positively impact our people and communities
  • Protect the environment and our precious resources
  • Operate with integrity in all facets of our business

Viasat’s ESG priorities

Safe, sustainable access to space
Digital inclusion
Safe, sustainable access to space

Carbon energy and emissions

Product stewardship

Supply chain management

Digital inclusion

Corporate Governance

Ethical conduct

Product security

Digital inclusion


Diversion, equity, inclusion and belonging

Employee health and wellness